Chair of Euro Committee

The chair of Euro Committee

The Ninth European Regional Quadrennial Conference of NCFI

18-22 September 2014 at Santa María de los Negrales , Madrid.


The conference theme will be

The Christian Heritage of Holistic Nursing: A vision for the future

Much is written today about whole person care and its central place in nursing practice, but this is not a new idea.  In the historic role of the churches in caring for the sick, dying and disabled, the emphasis was as much on caring for the spiritual needs of the person as it was on the physical, social or psychological needs.

What can we learn from this Christian heritage as we seek to practice holistic nursing in twenty first century Europe? This conference will bring together nursing researchers, educators and nurse practitioners from across the continent and beyond to explore the history, present practice and future direction of whole person nursing informed by the Christian faith and heritage in holistic care.

We are looking for papers that address the three themes:


  • the history of whole person nursing (with an especial focus on the Christian roots and development of the practice and concept),
  • the current practice of whole person care (with a particular focus on Christian perspectives)
  • reflections on new directions and innovations in practice of whole person care.
Abstracts should be submitted in English or Spanish using this form by 15 Dec 2013 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it