September 21-22, 2017

and a Pre-Conference for Educators

September 20, 2017

At UC Diakonissestiftelsen School of Nursing, Copenhagen, Denmark

This conference aims to:

  • Facilitate a meeting place for international students to develop self-awareness and reflect on spiritual care
  • Experience the spiritual needs and resources among patients
  • Gain understanding of meaning and practice of spiritual care
  • Meet international researches, educators and clinicians in spiritual care

For further information and to book a place, visit the Diakonissestiftelsen website at


NCF-Denmark (DKS) has three visions. In the following, we will give examples of how we have worked towards fulfilling each of them during the past year.

Caring Award

One of the visions of DKS is to strengthen Christian values in nursing care. As one way of obtaining this, we have launched a Caring Award. It was distributed for the first time at our Annual Conference in March this year to a person who was recommended as a role model for giving dignified care showing compassion and presence in his/her nursing practice. The intension is to distribute the award annually at our Annual Conferences. We were delighted that our professional magazine and the public press showed interest in the event and described it in their media. (This was an answer to prayer requested via the European prayer letter. Thank you!)

Spiritual care

Another vision is to contribute towards development of spiritual care. In the Northern part of the country, we arrange seminars on spiritual care twice a year. In order to attract nursing students we coordinate the dates with the local nursing collage to match the time when the students are taught spiritual care at the school. Last time the seminar was held at the local hospice and we had the largest number of participants so far: 42. We are happy that we have permission to have future seminars in the hospice as well.  October 1st we will have our next seminar. The theme is “Is there room for spiritual care in a high-tech unit?”

Another way of promoting spiritual care is by encouraging nursing students to participate in the international Spiritual Care conferences and offer them subsidies. This year we are supporting four nursing students to go to the conference in Oslo Sept. 24- 25th.

Anti-Stress Project

Our third vision is to point to the Christian faith as a relevant resource for nurses. The nursing profession is under an increased pressure these days – in Denmark as well as in other countries. The Danish Nursing Association – together with other organizations – recently made a study on how nurses experience their working climate. Every second nurse answers that their possibilities to carry out their work safely “often” or “always” are under pressure due to factors in the working environment.[1]

At our Annual Conference March 2015, our members expressed their frustrations over this situation. They suggested that DKS as a Christian organization offers help to our stress threatened colleagues. As a result, we have sought funding to offer needy colleagues a hotline, consultations by a Christian therapist, seminars on stress prevention, retreats etc. The project is meant to run in a three-year trial period. We appreciate your prayers for this.

Recent events

· October 1st 2015: Seminar North:             “Is there room for spiritual care in a high-tech unit?”

· November 24th 2015: Seminar South:       “The significance of rest in everyday life.”

Future events

· February 2016:                                          Start off Anti-Stress Project

· March 4-5th 2016:                                                 Annual Conference with focus on Stress Prevention &                                                                Christian Faith


· Payed staff:

o Nursing consultant 7 hours per week, Annette Langdahl

o Accounting assistent

· Voluntary workers:

o Five Committee Members meeting once a month via Skype and once a year ”live”

o Resource persons for sending out prayer letters, helping with home pages, writing articles, teaching, hosting Committee Meetings etc.

· Publications:

o News letters 2-3 times a year

o Prayer mails: 8 times a year

o Annual magazine

o Home pages: (info about DKS) & (interactive site about spiritual care)

o Facebook sites: “Dansk Kristelig Sygeplejeforening” & “Forum for værdig pleje”

· Number of members: 249 (a slight increase during the past year).

Items for praise & prayer

· Thank God for a core of active and faithful members

· Please ask for more members

· Thank God for sufficient finances to cover expenses so far

· Please ask for a new – and the right – accounting assistant and for renewed energy to our treasurer who shall introduce the new assistant

· Thank God for our enthusiastic and energetic nursing consultant

· Please ask God for wisdom in use of her scarce working hours

· Please ask God for more Committee Members – and the right ones – to be elected at our Annual Meeting March 2016

[1] Karen Albertsen, Inger-Marie Wiegman, Johanne Jessen og Christian Nielsen: SAMMENHÆNG MELLEM KVALITET AF SYGEPLEJE OG

ARBEJDSMILJØ I SUNDHEDSSEKTOREN. TeamArbejdsliv i samarbejde med Dansk Sygeplejeråd. June 2015

The latest edition of Christian Nurse International, the journal of Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) is now available to download. This edition has a special focus on the topic of 'Spiritual Care'.

To download this and previous editions click here



First, we would like to emphasis the positive impact of celebrating the NCFI European Regional Conference in Spain in September 2014. We recognise that we could have done it better, but by the grace of God we did the best we could! We would like to thank NCFI for the financial support for 10 Spanish nurses.

In March 2015 from the 11th to the 13th we held our national conference. We were a small group but with eagerness to continue.  There was a good atmosphere of fellowship and commitment to continue. The theme was Spiritual Care with Dr Carmen Medina as main speaker and two workshops, given by Ruth M. and ElidiaT.

We gave scholarships to three student nurses, who appreciated this. In the General Meeting we accepted new members and renewed the executive committee. Pilar Paciencia resigned as President because of family responsibilities. Vice president Fernando Ramos accepted the responsibility of President.

We agreed to have a working committee meeting in Burgos with the area representatives. Fernando, Rosa Juan Carlos & Roni (Marion Deelen) attended.  We upgraded the Vision and Mission statement with objectives for the next 5years. This statement was forwarded to all the members and is known as the Burgos Document.

We mentioned continuing investigation in nursing and producing a book on nursing in collaboration with GBU (IFES)

We arranged to meet on 17th of October to continue with the work and to clarify our strategy. We decided on the date and theme of the next conference, which will be 11th -13th March 2016. Maria Lopez ,a university professor and the representative for Cataluña has agreed to speak on Leadership.

In Madrid, on the 14th of November we had a regional conference on Spiritual Care with participation of Hospital Chaplains.

In Valencia, on the 21 of November we had a regional conference on the Burgos Document and the Saline Solution. During the year we continue offering courses on care of the elderly in collaboration with the ONG CAMINO and the centre for care of refugees.

We continue connecting and pray across the country using WhatsApp.

Juan Carlos continues with the emergencia vital Blog (

Roni continues with el Parte (our regular journal) now on edition 48, Gracias a Dios!

We are also able to give 600€ in donation to NCFI this year

Roni helped me with this translation.


Rosa M. López

NCFI International Board/GECE Committee

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